GSA Approved To Provide The Best Value & Service to America

In North America, Ethernet Direct delivers our premium industrial devices under a GSA approved company. We have been serving the government from towns, villages, municipalities, cities and states.

Ethernet Direct is committed to provide the best value and service to America. Some of are track records include government defense agencies, public services & procurement agencies, department of the interior, geological agencies and more.

Areas of application:

  • States, Cities, Municipalities, Towns & Villages
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of The Interior
  • Airport Authorities
  • Government Defense Agencies
  • Government Observatories & Space Agencies
  • Public Services & Procurement Agencies
  • Nature & Wildlife Agencies
  • Geological Agencies

Requirements for the application:

  • Ethernet Direct is a reputable American registered company and operates with GSA approval
  • Ethernet Direct is an American brand industrial device supplier with local sales, support and logistics operations in East & West Coast
  • Customer Satisfaction is a key focus of Ethernet Direct
  • Our products are installed in many real time applications for the Military, Automation, Intelligent Transportation, Security and others.
  • Many fortune 500 companies rely on Ethernet Direct to help them to exceed their performance goals while keeping within budget.