Maximize Manufacturing Productivity Thru Automation

Factory automation infrastructure is used to group the overall top-to-bottom end-to-end which covers products, procedures, building, networks, controllers, interfaces, machinery, and assembly lines that are involved in manufacturing. Ethernet Direct products are installed in many reputable brand names in manufacturing and has helped their systems carry out an efficient automation systems to maximize productivity and increased consistency of output.

Areas of application:

  • Machine-to-machine communication / Robotic arms
  • Control system networks
  • Wireless infrastructure networks
  • Packaging equipments system
  • Material handling system
  • Logistics & Warehousing management

Requirements for the application:

  • Industry pioneer self-healing network redundancy of less than 10 milliseconds @ 250 switches
  • Industrial switches with power isolation protection and power redundancy
  • Cost-effective Industrial switches for plant-floor operations & IP67 enclosures for waterproof protection
  • Managed Industrial switches for control system networks with user-friendly configuration
  • Industrial devices with low cost of ownership but high level of reliability
  • Instantaneous operation for 24/7 production process with zero network downtime
  • Devices with high EMI/EMC shielding for harsh factory environments