Enabling Future-Proof Smart Grid Solutions

Smart grid is an  electrical grid which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources. Electronic power conditioning & control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of the smart grid. Networking connectivity improves reliability, security and efficiency of the grid. Ethernet Direct offers IEC 61850 certified industrial Ethernet solutions specifically designed for smart grid applications.

Areas of application:

  • Solar energy power plant
  • Wind generator power plant
  • Hydraulic power stations
  • Renewable energy using Floating windmill
  • IEC 61850-3 transmission and distribution substation
  • Power grid interconnection
  • Advanced Metering infrastructure

Requirements for the application:

  • Wide operating temperature industrial switch for power substation high EMI environment
  • Rugged enclosures industrial switches especially designed with special heat dissipation to achieve zero packet loss
  • Ethernet Direct IEC 61850-3 series switches support GOOSE message to ensure reliable transmission
  • Network device compliant with IEEE1588 PTP V2 which is a packet based network protocol suitable for smart grids
  • IEC 61850-3 certified industrial devices
  • IEEE 1613 standard compliant